Manufacturing the Correct Engine Parts

There are several basic engine parts that require functioning properly. Preparing engine parts involves knowing the various parts and what they do in order to ensure that they are put to function in the right manner. The surface preparation tools enable proper functioning of the engine parts. Without proper functioning, the machine might be dangerous or inefficient.

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Piston and Piston Rings

The piston moves up and down inside the cylinder. It is cylindrical in shape. In addition to that, the piston rings that are found between the edge of the piston and that of the cylinder prevent fuel and air mixture and that of the exhaust chamber from leaking during combustion and compression. More so, Piston rings prevent oil from leaking from the sump to the combustion area. Machine like cars that usually burn oil quickly are a result of worn out rings that no longer function properly.


This is the core of the engine. Some machines have one cylinder others are multi cylinder engines, like cars. In multi cylinder engines, the cylinders are arranged in a certain way. This can either be horizontal, opposed to each other or flat. Each of the arrangements has its pros and cons. This can be seen in terms of costs, features, or smoothness of the machine. This different advantages and disadvantages is what make them so suitable for different types of machines, example in cars.

Connecting rod and the Crankshaft

The connecting rod provides a link between the piston and crankshaft. It rotates on both ends enabling change of angles due to piston movement and crankshaft rotation. The crankshaft on the other hand, facilitates the turning of the piston in circular motion by turning the piston up and down.


The Sump collects oil and many times, it is referred to as the oil pan. The sump acts as a reservoir that collects engine oil and the oil pump redistributes it throughout the engine. The Sump should be maintained properly because in the oil leaks, it prevents the engine from being lubricated properly.

Spark Plug

The spark Plug ignites the air and fuel mixture by providing a spark that allows combustion to take place. The electricity is at a high voltage and must pass through an insulated passageway. It is important for the ignition to take place at the right time in order for everything else to function in the right way.


The intake valves and exhaust valves are supposed to function at the proper time to allow air and fuel in and subsequently, exhaust out. It is significant to note that during compression and combustion, both intake and exhaust valves are closed. This is to ensure that the combustion chamber is sealed.

All these parts should be prepared properly with the right materials in order to allow the engine to work efficiently. The engine is the main body of the machine and without it working well the machine will fail to perform. Ensure all parts meet the proper standards and requirements.